Busters Mal Heart

This movie is not about buster, what happened, what is reality, trying to unravel the order of events, it's about the duality of man and the fragments are merely storytelling to the duality. So, what gives fruit to this idea? To me, it's the many clues of that exist even when the main character jonah/jonas/buster is absent, when Marty watches the TV, she sees the show depicting a cartoon with his shoe lace close the machine, which proceeds to swallow him and mangle him and then spit him out, unable to do anything but watch. Movie is about wanting different things and not being able to attain either, not freedom nor family, it's about paranoia, he repeatedly says he can't get traction.

biblical allegories - frogs, waking up on the beach (usually accompanied by having died)

I see this movie contains two

What happened

The descent of one mans mental health while at the same time looking at society

What we as the audience view as a prophet, it is often values which are above the human being, virtues, buster does not possess these, he is as far as we can see, a raving lunatic

anyone who has been paranoid knows that it's the little words that count, so when she says, ever since, you've been trapped when they are in the swimming pool, he is brought back into the hallucination, the alternate world so to speak and so he submerges and you've been trapped ever since

the cartoon, just shows the precipe is always close, it makes references to jonah even when he's not there, this means, he's imagining it all inside his head the machine is moving him around the tv showing ant war when he comes in shows that nothing was on the tv it's a good deed, and it won't go unnoticed, he's talking about killing his family, since he wants to free jonas from everything, from the family, from the job, so he can roam free the whole thing, it's conciousness battling itself, there is no reality, it's a boltzman brain the conclusion is, when he is set free, that it wasn't the life he wanted, it's about the duality of the soul, the entrapment of both sides

feeling trapped by society, but also feeling trapped by being free

what this movie is, it isn't a "reality" and then showing the break of a man, the whole movie is its own conciousness

when the inversion occurs, it's almost like a trip, the conciousness knows it's been there, and it knows something awful awaits

the conciousness is trying to wake itself up

he keeps the picture close to his heart

it's how objects keep popping in from one world to another

footage shows there was no no man

he doesnt believe reality

jonas cueto

universes merging

it's a movie about symbols in our life, religion, family, desire to be free, being free, knowing the truth, being unfit, being fit, working, bosses

there is no world, it's all part of the same world, more or less ordered

might also be that he's hallucinating on the boat, is prolly not since the movie has a message

I fix the binary, binary is two realities, exterminator makes the worlds fold onto 1 so there is no binary, just 1 world

reason we the flashbacks and multiple worlds, is because of the bug, the world needs to collapse onto one world

duality, one goes up, one goes down, and but in the end they fold onto one world