Generate Lorem Ipsum text

Similar to the previous post in terms of automating reoccurring development tasks and avoid leaving the terminal. This post will explore how to generate lorem ipsum text with a bash script, using as the data source. The lipsum site has a UI for generating lipsum text but there's an API as well, so you can avoid using their UI.

I created a small github repo around this project, check it out at github. It's basically a wrapper around the curl requests made to

The API offers 4 parameters for retrieving text:

  1. Paragraphs
  2. Words
  3. Bytes
  4. Lists

And an option for determining if we want to start with the following paragraph:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

Curl'ing offers a simple API which we can curl to get results. The results are returned in form of json.


Here's what you get if you run lip -h. I might add offline support in the future, since currently you need internet access to generate lipsum text.


  bp [options] [arguments]
  bp -h | --help

  -h --help         Print this help.
  -v --version      Print script version.

  -l, --list                       List all boilerplates.
  -b [file], --boilerplate [file]  Generate boilerplate file.
  -p [file], --preview [file]      Preview boilerplate.
  -d [path], --dest [path]         Optional new file destination.

  bp -b index.html
  bp -b index.html -d /src/index-1.html