Useful Web Jargon

Following from up from the previous post [network-jargon], we outline some of the more common terminology when it comes to web development (REST, JS, CSS, DOM, HTML).


  • context, relationship, shape, path, mapping, domain


  • learn called path param and query param, :id path, ?id query param

  • Anatomy of a function, variable, naming post, function argument, parameter, variadic, function signature

  • Declaration - var hello;

  • Definition - var hello = function () {//inside}; Everything inside the function is the definition.
  • Difference between function declaration and function expression.
  • Statement, expression, variable, parameter, argument, scope

classes as well

// scope

// function
function someFunction(parameter) {

  return value;

// key/value pair is called a property
const obj = {
  key: value,
  method: function () {
// attribute, internal value that defines some characteristic of a property



We want a general scripting language.

JS (Javascript) scope context property key value attribute class

argument assign call function function call return return value value


We want

DOM (Document Object Model)3000


CSS (Cascading style sheets)


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

API (Application Programming Interface)

We want to expose our data in a structured way.

CLI (Command-Line Interpreter)

Terminal, Shell, Bash, Commandline, Prompt, Declare vs Define